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The False Self and the Co-dependent on the Death of the Object

I spent time this week talking with some friends whose mothers had died. In each case, their parents passing was long enough ago that the intensity of the grief and loss had somewhat diminished. With the passage of time, my … Continue reading

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Working with The Most Difficult Client, The Health Rejecting Complainer

There are vigorous discussions among clinicians about the need for and the relevance of diagnostic labels. Arguments are focused on the idea that utilization of diagnostic labels help clinicians develop adequate or optimal treatment plans. For instance, if one is … Continue reading

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Managing A Private Practice of Therapy as a Business

When I first began teaching in Graduate Counseling Programs, the focus of Counselor Training was on making good, skillful therapists. Prior to retiring, I taught over twenty-five years in the Counselor Education programs of two different universities. The goal was … Continue reading

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The Concept of Healthy Selfishness in Therapy

Have you ever wondered why you keep finding the same type of person to play an important role in your life? Why you keep having the same problems and the same crisis evolves in the patterns of your life? I … Continue reading

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