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Counter Transference in Therapy

Counter Transference I had an interesting discussion with a colleague the other day. This colleague was talking about a client that he was having trouble liking. According to him, this client triggered an immediate dislike and aversion whenever they came … Continue reading

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Can you hear me now? Anyone who has been in therapy knows that therapists always talk about communication. Communication is the key to better understanding. Everyone needs to work on his or her communication skills. How would you assess your … Continue reading

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Self-Esteem and the Inner Child

Self Esteem and Self- Ownership I speak to many adults who talk a lot about their “inner child” or “wounded child.” These terms are pretty pervasive in the self -help literature and most people know what they think they mean … Continue reading

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ADHD for Families. The challenge of living with this disorder as a support person.

ADHD for Families My son is very ADHD. He has been on medicines for it since kindergarten. Once we had to change medicines because over time he developed undesirable side -effects, which worried us. He is now on a new … Continue reading

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Codependency: Some thoughts

Today I want to write about something that became an often-used term in popular literature. It is not a clinical term and is not in the DSM. Yet it is a term that most people have heard and think they … Continue reading

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