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To Be or Not to Be (with apologies to the Bard)

Life has intruded in a big way this past week. The flurry of things that demanded attention ranged from the serious and sad to the shallow and profane. A friend who had no real warning went into a coma and … Continue reading

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Are We Over Connected to Electronic Technology?

When I was growing up personal technology did not exist. I can remember when the voice mail system in my house was me. The concept of a personal portable phone did not exist. Our phones were rotary dial and there … Continue reading

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End of Life Decisions, and the Sandwich Generation

Carl Rogers,  a founder of modern psychotherapy, is reported to have said that once he had worked through an issue in his own life, it was as if someone had sent a message to all his clients saying it was … Continue reading

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transitional objects, the secure base, and the skill of the therapist

In a recent blog I referenced something called “magical thinking.” A colleague who read it asked me to revisit the topic and to focus on concepts in therapy called the secure base and transitional objects. Establishing a secure base is … Continue reading

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